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"kara-da" (からだ) means body in Japanese. "kara" means emptiness and "da" means standing or existence. This is how Japanese have been considering what the body is, or... who we really are. Here, it is not talking only about Japanese culture, but the universal reality of the existence.
What we are looking for is a form which is not bound by traditions that is losing reality for us in this rapidly changing time, nor some stylized genre, but one which is liberate and connected to this very principle of our existence. 
But, how? What is most important is a method. What is demanded in the contemporary dance scene nowadays must not be solely struggling with new intellectual concepts, but a concrete innovative method that gives possibility and variety of new authentic dance language. The main seed of the search comes from Kazuo Ohno dance studio -methods of the son Yoshito Ohno, who is conveying the essence of Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. In their works, we can find not the styles (white painting, grotesqueness, etc.), but the way to experience the universal reality of our body-mind-space through dance, and to embody everything such as paintings, sculptures, music, and any existences into dance. Moreover, the method has been further developed through the practice and fieldwork researches of traditional and ritual dances in Bali, Tibetan area in Nepal, and India.
The intention of the workshop is not to spread “butoh” or some certain style, but to bloom a lotus in the mud of this often-misunderstood culture, and polish it to dedicate to contemporary performing arts and all cultures by inviting participants to fundamental approach to body-mind-space and to create each own dance, art, and life.

- Sharpening and opening the perception of body-mind-space
- Developing inner connection of physical structure
- Discovering the relation between body and mind
- Discovering unlimited diversity of movements and qualities of body-mind-space
- Resulting in developing the relationship between body-space-nature-things-people


The contents of the workshop vary in each workshops, but main structure of the workshop are divided in 4 stages as below:

① Whitening (Returning to a neutral body-mind) 
- Yoga Asana
- Body-scanning
- Space-expansion


② Basic movements
- Standing
- Walking
- Turning
- Standing up and sinking down
- Inner connection in anatomical structure
- Inner connection in subtle energy structure
- Creation of body parts (hands, eyes, back, arms, legs)


③ Metamorphose(Exploring unlimited diversity of different qualities of body-mind-space)
- Different textures of body
- Embodying sounds

- Embodying visual images (paintings, video arts, natural elements)

④ Creating a performance

- How to appear and disappear 

- Pathways in the space
- Time and rhythm issues
- Relationship with objects and costumes

- Inner Process of building performances 

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