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Around 100,000 years ago, when Homo sapiens emerged on this planet, the initial embryonic human art emerged in the dark cave, where eyes cannot see. What they were seeing with their inner eyes was the depth of our unconscious. This must be the universal principle of human art. Social systems and technological advances have changed society over years, but our human nature has never changed. This is why primitive arts could give important influences on great artistic experiments of 20th century, such as Cubism or Surrealism.
We are living in a society where our innermost nature is deeply buried. Modern science relies on the intellectual rationale based on mathematics and language. Yet it misses direct physical experience and divides the world into separated pieces. Human is human, animal is animal, I am I, you are you... Even in the dance scene, where body is the main media, productions can be reduced to merely intellectual concepts or movement patterns, which can loose the profound experience of the body itself. In the modern era we are missing deeper experience of body and mind, the power to explore and reveal the unconscious. In its depth, the world is not separated but connected freely. Human is animal, life is death, I am you. “Twilight” questions the fundamental purpose of human art, and searches for a new dance method to walk down the stairs towards the depth of our being through the subtlest movement within.

1st version Premier: June 2014
2nd version Premier: March 2016

Direction, Choreography, Dance: Motoya Kondo, Tiziana Longo
Live-music, music composition: Hoshiko Yamane (Tangerine Dream)
Additional Music: "Wave" by Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory

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