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Dance: Motoya Kondo
Sound: Hoshiko Yamane

This is an experiment to apply ancient Japanese theatre Noh method in search of radical contemporary performing art. Tearing off all unnecessary decorations, it reveals the raw, naked, and rich reality of life with the presence of the sound and body with an extremely simple setting of one violin with a little loop machine and one body. The musician does not rely on the melody but rather primordial energy of the sound itself, subtle variations of each texture of the sounds and the vitality of each stroke of the violin which create abstract and tactile sounds that vibrate the space and penetrate into the skin of the dancer and the audience. A single violin can create unlimited variations of sounds as if horn, flute, screaming voice, etc. The dancer does not rely on the storyline nor numerous flowing body lines of movements, but rather the presence of the body itself, which is like an illusional object. The movement is extremely subtle as if each cell and nerve are dancing instead of muscles. Subtle inner explosions with each 1mm of movements are repeatedly fired.
The perception of time and space is deconstructed. In nature such as the sound of the river, time never flows in an even continuous beat. Therefore the violin does not follow any fixed time structures and the movement of the dancer is the continuity of the discontinuous moments. As a result, it transforms our daily sense of space as well.
And ultimately the silence behind the sound, stillness behind the movement is going to be revealed, inviting audiences to the primordial ground from which all sounds and movements emerge.

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